Kristine’s Pet Grooming has moved from its Nolensville Pike Nashville location, into the country. If you don’t mind the additional 11 miles east, call 615-833-2895 and I will give you an address.

$32.00 (includes TN sales tax) for small dogs 20 lbs and under. Yes, I can weight them.

Your dog will be healthier and happier if groomed every 2 months.

I’m sorry, I am no longer able to offer a Senior discount.

Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool During Hot Weather
There is an inexpensive way to keep your canines cool. Freeze small bottled water and your pet can lay on them. For larger dogs use a 2-liter bottle. If inside you may want to put a towel down underneath the bottle.

Always use a fan in garages for ventilation when pets stay there. Garages hold heat and can get up to 120 degrees inside. Your pet couldn’t survive that!

Always, always leave plenty of fresh water for pets. Water gets stagnant easily, change it daily! Of course, I recommend keeping your dog’s hair short in summer months and during summer months always use a topical flea and tick treatment.

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